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What's in the Accreditation?

Firstly, it is a journey together over at least a 12-month period, so you can really embed the approach within your setting.

Throughout the Accreditation process, you will:
Evaluate and reflect your provision.

Gather evidence to support your actions and your quality improvement journey.
Create a culture of Curiosity, Awe & Wonder within your setting.

The 6 modules you'll work through are:
1. Environment reflection
2. Open-Ended Resources
3. Invitations to Learning
4. High Expectations
5. Senses
6. The Power of Story

On completion of the whole Reflective Tool, you'll gain a Curiosity Approach® Accreditation with a logo that can only be used by accredited Curiosity Approach® award holders. The award logo will be sent electronically and can be used on all of your settings branding.

This is a minimum 12-month process to ensure all elements are embedded. Each module will be sent electronically bi-monthly.

In addition to the online Accreditation you'll also get access to:

  • Access to our private members-only community
  • Monthly live Q&A
  • Premium Support with input, help and critiques from Stephanie & Lyndsey and their team
  • Quarterly 'Curious Hour' where you get to see what's happening behind the scenes
  • Access to full self-reflection Tool Kit with 6 modules released bi-monthly on our online portal
  • Access to our Elite member only Private Academy Community
  • "CURIOUS" our monthly inspiration resource delivered directly to your door
  • Bonus Box of resources delivered to your door - play alongside with us, giving you more inspiration and guidance to keep you on track and motivated
  • PLUS a BONUS MODULE that'll help you motivate your team. 

*CRIB subscription automatically rolls on to payments of £27 per month after 12 months.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting on board

    • Welcome from Stephanie and Lyndsey

    • Navigating our online toolkit

    • Tell us about your setting

    • Being an active part of our community

    • Join our welcome meeting and meet Steph, Lyndsey and the Team

    • Welcome Meeting - Thursday 6th May 2021 8pm GMT

    • Tell us about your why??

    • Hang out in CRIB

    • Shout about being part of our community

    • Make sure you read our Terms and Conditions

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Getting started...

    • Introduction

    • User Guide

    • Don't Forget

  • 3


    • Your Team Bus

    • Creating your Vision

    • Creating Your Mission

    • Your Team Culture

    • ⬇️Your Team Bus - Reflection

    • ⬇️Your Team Bus - Solutions

    • LEADERSHIP with Roopam

    • Roopam's Leadership Bootcamp - with 5% discount

  • 4

    Module 1 - Environment

    • Introduction to Module 1 - Environment

    • ***BIG REVEAL*** Envelope 1 & 2 Opening Time

    • ⬇️Module 1 - Environment Reflection

    • ⬇️Module 1 - Solutions

    • ⬇️Map it!

    • ⬇️Reflection & Action Plan

  • 5

    Module 2 - Open-Ended Resources

    • Module 2 - Coming July 21

  • 6

    Module 3 - Invitations To Learning

    • Module 3 - Coming September 21

  • 7

    Module 4 - High Expectations

    • Module 4 - Coming November 21

  • 8

    Module 5 - Senses

    • Module 5 - Coming January 22

  • 9

    Module 6 - The Power of Storytelling

    • Module 6 - Coming March 22

  • 10

    How to guides

    • Buy your physical copy of the How to Guides

    • How to Guides

  • 11

    Bottom Drawer - A place for all the little extras

    • Cohort 15 Welcome Meeting - Replay

    • Working towards Logo

    • FREE Downloadable guide for your tribe meetings

    • Just some little extras to help out

    • Useful short cuts

    • When you are ready

    • Claim your FREE pocketsize

    • Parent Pocket Size


Lyndsey Hellyn & Stephanie Bennett

Founders of The Curiosity Approach Training

Hi and welcome to The Curiosity Approach Accreditation. We are so excited to embark on this journey with you. Between us we have over 40 years teaching experience in Early Years, employ over 120 staff and have multiple outstanding settings so are well-equipped to support you along the way. We aim to inspire practitioners and we have created a solution to aid you to overcome your learning environment obstacles!We are passionate about children, they are our future! We want to create the thinkers and doers of the next generation. We guarantee that through our approach, you will create a culture of curiosity, have fun and develop their wings to fly! We are so dedicated to making a difference that we are supporting United Nations Global Goal 4 "Quality Education" from every sale of our products we are donating back to achieving this goal. So not only are you impacting upon the children you directly care for you are giving back to the world - how awesome is that!Thank-youLyndsey & Stephanie

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