Join Cohort 11 - The Curiosity Approach Accreditation Toolkit - PLUS CRIB ACCESS!

JANUARY 2020 | *pay in full option available - contact one of the team on 01164 300 200 | taught by Lyndsey Hellyn & Stephanie Bennett
One Off Payment (£1397+VAT)

Course description

Firstly, it is a journey together over at least a 12-month period, so you can really embed the approach within your setting.
Throughout the Accreditation process, you will:

Evaluate and reflect your provision.

Gather evidence to support your actions and your quality improvement journey.

Create a culture of Curiosity, Awe & Wonder within your setting.

The 6 modules you'll work through are:

    1. Environment reflection
    2. Open-Ended Resources
    3. Invitations to Learning
    4. High Expectations
    5. Senses
    6. The Power of Story

On completion of the whole Reflective Tool, you'll gain a Curiosity Approach® Accreditation with a logo that can only be used by accredited Curiosity Approach® award holders. The award logo will be sent electronically and can be used on all of your settings branding.

This is a minimum 12-month process to ensure all elements are embedded. Each module will be sent electronically bi-monthly.

In addition to the online Accreditation you'll also get access to:

  • 28 portals of resources and inspiration
  • Access to our private members-only community
  • Monthly live Q&A
  • Premium Support with input, help and critiques from Stephanie & Lyndsey and their team
  • Quarterly 'Curious Hour' where you get to see what's happening behind the scenes
  • Access to full self-reflection Tool Kit with 6 modules released bi-monthly on our online portal
  • Access to our Elite member only Private Academy Community
  • "CURIOUS" our monthly inspiration resource delivered directly to your door
  • Bonus Box of resources delivered to your door - play alongside with us, giving you more inspiration and guidance to keep you on track and motivated
  • PLUS a BONUS MODULE that'll help you motivate your team. 

*CRIB subscription automatically rolls on to payments of £27 per month after 12 months.

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Lyndsey Hellyn & Stephanie Bennett
Lyndsey Hellyn & Stephanie Bennett

The Curiosity Approach®is a 21st-century approach to Early Childhood.

Taking parts from Reggio, Steiner, Te Whāriki and adding a sprinkle of Montessori, it's a beautiful recipe of wonderful ingredients, carefully mixed together with experience, passion and love of Early Childhood.

When baked together with thought in an oven of loveliness it enables practitioners and professionals to be mentally present and forever curious about their career with little children.

Lyndsey Hellyn & Stephanie Bennett are the co-founders of The Curiosity Approach®. With over 50 years teaching and leadership experience in Early Childhood, they are the owners of 6 UK nurseries all based on The Curiosity Approach® ethos.

They have over 120 employees and more than 500 children (and their families) visiting every day.

Steph and Lyndsey recently featured on the BBC as the "nursery with no toys" and have been voted Top 10 Day Nursery in the West Midlands on numerous times. They have multiple Ofsted rated "outstanding" sites.